Yogacharini Penelope Prana and Trippy Trev present Yoga-Play,
a unique blend of Integral Yoga, incorporating
meditation, mindfulness, and playful exercise.
Yoga is an ancient Eastern Science, primarily an exercise of the mind, and includes underlying ethical practices. For some, Yoga becomes a lifestyle, for others it provides a few tools to navigate life.
The responsibilities of adulthood can swiftly suck the joy out of living. Responsibilities are obviously an important part of being an adult, but your life should not be so full of them that you forget to have fun along the way.

Yogacharini Penelope Prana

Penelope Prana

My love of Yoga grew from a tendency to express myself through my body and ultimately manifested as a way of life, opening my mind and concentrating my focus.  Yoga now permeates through every aspect of my life, opening my consciousness to practices promoting compassion, non-violence, health and wellness.

My diploma gives me the title ‘Yogacharini’.  I aim to facilitate a pathway to Yoga. Though teaching, listening, collaborating, feeling and sensing, I assist people to find their place of stillness – a place of great insight.  This too, is the goal of Mindful practices, to stay in the present moment, where clarity resides.  There are numerous pathways to this place and the right one is the one that works for you.

Yogacharini Penelope Prana holds a Yoga Diploma and teaches Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness for health and wellbeing.

Our mobile Yoga space provides an opportunity to nourish your mind, body and soul. The space is available for personal Yoga practice throughout the day so come along and contribute to the energy.

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You will often find us at festivals and markets where we create a peaceful sanctuary, or lift the energy with Flow Arts and Fire.

Benefits of practicing Yoga and Mindfulness

& Focus


Balance mood and emotional reactivity

Enhanced feeling
of well being

Reduced feelings of anxiety



Improved clarity of thought


And much

Scientific research has shown that genes can actually be turned on or off through meditation.
Endless health benefits are to be gained through developing a meditation routine.
The specific type of Play enjoyed and shared by Penelope & Trev is best experienced through music and has a flowing, meditative component. It will also encourage you to let go and not take life so seriously for a while. It is incredible what opportunities are realised when you adopt a more relaxed mindset towards life.